Monday's Memory of Mom

March 3, 2008

The child that made me a mom for the first time and has the privilege of being my only daughter, is 22 today. :o)
Happy birthday, Haley!! Momma loves you...

Haley and my mom, hours after her birth. Haley hasn't even had her first bath yet! 

Haley (3 months old), and, yes, my mom was always dressed up. 

A little funny about my mom. When I chose Haley's name, I decided to spell it simply. No fancy stuff. My mom, however, must never have liked my spelling because she always spelled Haley's name like this: Haleigh or Hayley, or Hayleigh, or Hailey....Never, Haley. :-P 


  1. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetMonday, March 03, 2008

    Oh, what a perfect post for Haley's birthday! Happy Birthday, Haley!

    Your mom looks so happy!

    I'll be home tomorrow and can catch up on everyone's blogs. I did have to check your Monday post. :-)

  2. You have been missed, Marilyn!!! :o)

  3. What precious pictures! Happy Birthday Haley!

  4. ahhh...... Hailey, Hayley, Hayleigh....... Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    Love ya, Haley!

  5. Happy Birthday Haley!

    Amy, my mom was always dressed up too!

  6. Those are such precious pictures, Amy. Your mom looked like a little quewpie doll; and Haley looked like an even tinier one in her arms. :-)


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