March 29, 2008

And now, the one who started all of my dog insanity. The one who revealed that I was NOT a cat person at all, but rather a DOG person that was waiting for just the right moment to be exposed...Drum roll please....

Clay Louis Jay

Clay came to be part of our family because my darling, wonderful, sweetheart of a husband, wanted to pacify my longing for "just one more baby." Truth be told, Clay was a bribe. He figured that if he suggested a puppy, he wouldn't have to hear me talk about adopting another baby. Poor man didn't know that exposing my inner dog person would cause a whole new set of longings and the next 3 years he would hear me say, "Just one more puppy?" However, three is my limit...I think...Maybe...A girl would be nice…Jude's a great dog...We'll see. *wink*

Clay is a
toy aussie and is the smallest of the bunch, weighing in at only 10 pounds. I didn't want a toy sized pup with 3 rambunctious boys at home, so I picked out Clay, who was the biggest in his litter. His breeder said he would be an over-sized mini (25-30 pounds). Perfect!!! Over the next few weeks, his littermates went on a growth spurt and Clay didn't. He became the smallest in the litter. By this time, I was thoroughly in love and couldn't wait to get him home no matter what his size.

Clay loves to play
soccer in the backyard with the boys, do agility at the dog club (for fun, not competition), go for car rides, and walks. He's fun to take to the off leash park because he never goes too far and has such a huge smile on his face as he runs circles around me. His favorite games are keep away and tug. He will do anything for a treat! Especially popcorn. Out of the three pups, he is my most obedience-trained pup.

As with the other two, he has his issues. (Notice a common factor here? ME!!) He is not a warm fuzzy with people he doesn’t know and it takes him a long, long time to warm up. For the last two years, Clay and I (and Piper) would go to puppy and adult socialization classes. It's been great for two reasons 1) I get to play with dogs  and learn more about training and 2) Clay gets to practice being with other dogs and people. We’ve been doing that on a regular basis for two years and it’s helped him get out of his timid, fearful shell tremendously. One time, a gal came to the dog club who hadn’t seen Clay for over a year.

Gal: Hi, Amy! Did you get a new dog?
Me: No, this is Clay.
Gal: That’s
Clay?? *shock written all over her face*
Me :Yes, it is. *grinning and proud enough to pop buttons*

It made all the hard work, worth it. :o) Oh, he will never be the type to run up to someone and beg for a pat on the head or a game of fetch, but he is much improved and don’t we all have room for improvement? 


  1. He is adorable, and those eyes are gorgeous! He's about the same size as my Min-Pin, Leyna, but looks so much bigger because of all the hair. He's much better trained than Leyna, though...sigh.

  2. His eyes are always commented on and people want to pet him so bad! But he makes it clear (he barks) that he would rather they keep their hands off of his person.

    Last time we were at the dog club, an especially understanding child took her time with him. By the end of the hour she was petting him and he was asking for more. :o)

  3. I just love your dogs! Clay does have gorgeous eyes. I also want just one more...


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