February 25, 2008

Blessed... have a piano. be able to afford lessons for the boys.
...because they enjoy playing. have a home filled with music. be their mom.


  1. AMY!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

    Am so glad you shared these with us.

    Yes, you are indeed blessed.

  2. yes, blessed! lovely... now video Nevin playing sometime for me would ya?

  3. The boys did a great job! I the only one that has noticed the busy little dog that kept circling around the piano? Ha, ha... funny!

  4. We dog people would notice that. :-D The black and white dog would be Scotty, my deaf mini-aussie.

    Yes, I will video Nevin. He plays beautifully. :o)

  5. Amy, you are indeed a blessed woman in many ways!

    The boys are really good. I can only imagine how good they'll sound in a few years time. :-)

    I, too, was somewhat distracted by Scotty's roaming. ;-Þ I wonder if he feels the vibration of the music, and that's why he was restless?

  6. He was looking for a ball. He is convinced that my job is to throw him a ball, all day long. He doesn't bother me if I am in the kitchen, but if I step one foot into the living room, he is off to find one. *rolls eyes*

  7. moving pieces & well done! My household stopped - all was quiet, everyone listening for a moment. Thank you!


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