Dolly Dresses and Dogs in Sweaters


 The Dogs in Sweaters quilt has been finished and delivered. I love how it turned out and rumor has it, the baby boy is enjoying it. 

I quilted it using free form wavy lines which is my favorite quilting. It's fast and easy! The texture is always amazing!

Dolly Dresses is also quilted and it will be delivered this later this month. For this one, I chose to do spiral quilting. I used a bar connected to my walking foot to keep the distance between the lines consistent. I usually just eye ball it. One of these days I will share the other two Pam Kitty Morning panel quilts I made using the Perfect Ten pattern

This month's Sew Sweet Bee queen bee is Gracey @ Burlap and Blossoms. This is her own design and you can purchase it in her Etsy shop. She has many cute patterns, so be sure to look around! 

Have a happy Monday!

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Scrap Vortex - Bonnie & Camille style


 Crazy Mom Quilts is the brain child for the Scrap Vortex quilts and I fell in love with the style the very first time I saw it. It's a great way to use up the tiny scraps you can't throw away, which is how I feel about my Bonnie and Camille scraps. I save nearly every one. 

And I love how this quilt turned out....

You can read more about this quilt here.

Have a happy weekend!!

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B.I.G. bag!


Monday I made myself a B.I.G. bag. I used the free pattern by Nana Company called Riverside, except I super sized it. Why? Well, Tuesday I was teaching my first class at Cotton Creek Mill on how I bind my quilts fully by machine and I needed a bag to haul my sample and the quilt I was going to use to demo my technique. It was perfect! I have a feeling I will find many uses and excuses to use it. =)  

The stats:
28" across the top
21" across the bottom
19" tall
7 1/2" deep
Straps are 30" long

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Ambleside baby quilt ~ a commissioned quilt


A sweet baby quilt for a new great granddaughter. 

The fabric is Ambleside by Moda.

Quilt measures 51" x 60".
The free pattern is called Avalon Scrappy Summer and can be found on the Moda Bakeshop blog

I got to use my new Ikaprint lables! You can read about the labels on this post

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Yellowstone Vacation


Warning! Vacation photos, but only a few. =)

We enjoyed the wildlife...(I was disappointed to miss seeing the wolves and bears. Next time!)

the colorful springs...

the exciting geysers...

the relaxation at Shoshone Lodge and Guest Ranch...

and breathtaking scenes and snow on Beartooth Pass

The very best part was being together...

On the trip home, we stopped to see Dignity in Chamberlain, South Dakota. So beautiful!

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, the Gypsy Guide app for Yellowstone is a must have!  Having our own "personal tour guide" made our trip more enjoyable and we saw things that we would have missed. I highly recommend it!

We also visited Devil's Tower, Battle of Little Bighorn, Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, and the Badlands. Aren't you glad I only shared a few pictures?! ;-) 

Have a happy Monday!! 

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Dogs in Sweaters


Something I rarely do is buy a kit, but when I saw this quilt hanging up in a local quilt shop, I had to have that exact same one. Seriously, it's so awesome!! 

Those glasses!!! 

 When it is all finished, it will go to a baby boy. I will have to make it again! 

Size: 53" x 63"

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Baby Girl Quilt - Perfect Ten Pattern


I don't know if there are any cuter fabric lines for baby girl quilts, than Pam Kitty Morning fabrics by Holly Holderman of Lake House Dry Goods

So seriously cute!!

My husband's co worker and wife are expecting a baby girl in August, so it was a good excuse to dig through my fabrics and make a baby quilt for them. I rarely have baby quilts ready to give away. I like to make them special for a family. The Dolly Dresses panels have been in my stash for at least six years. You can see another quilt I made using it here.

The pattern I used is the Swirly Girls Perfect Ten pattern. I love how versatile this pattern is and it's a quick fun one, too. I changed it up to make the frames scrappy instead of one consistent fabric because I didn't have enough of one fabric that would work and the goal (game I play) is to use only stash. That's what makes this pattern so fun! A simple change like that makes the quilt look completely different. 

I have another panel of the dolly dresses in my stash, so I am going to remake this one again. It's so cute!! 

Have a happy Wednesday!! 

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Red, White and the Blues


I am calling this one Red, White and the Blues because I didn't have enough navy prints to make it scrappy.  In other words, each navy print would have to be used several times and I didn't want to do that. Instead I added in the aqua blue instead. 

I am slowly, but surely making barely any dents in my Bonnie and Camille fabrics. 

I had an ever growing pile of white tone on tone fat quarters in my stash. I never knew what to do with them. My Friendship Love quilt used many shades of white and I liked how it turned out, so  decided to do the same thing with this quilt using as many white tone on tone fabrics as I could. I mixed them up and used them in the blocks and as well as the sashing. My pile of white tone on tone  fabrics are much smaller now and I think it makes the quilt look interesting. 

Until I get around to making the back and getting it quilted, it will rest on my upstairs railing, along with a few more quilts that need attention....SOON! 

 Have a happy Thursday!!

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Ikaprint Labels and Zippered Bags


At the recommendation of Lorna and Cheryl, I chose to give Ikaprint a try and have tag labels printed. They ship from France, so they take a while to get here, but they really are worth the wait! I am anxious to use them! For those who would be interested, I ordered the 1 ½" x ⅝" size. Be sure to check out Lorna and Cheryl's blogs to see their labels. 

One way I will use them is when I make bags like these. I am attempting to be brave and teach a zippered bag class at Cotton Creek Mill this fall. To prepare, I have been testing some patterns to see which one I want to teach. This pattern is called Easy Cosmetic Bag by So Sew Easy. It was very easy, but where I struggle is how to get the tabs at the end of the zipper just right so when you flip it right side out you don't have those dented corners. I detest dented corner zippered bags. This one I did pretty well to avoid it, but I am not consistent at getting them to look this good. *frustrating*

Cute lining, yes?

 The perfect pattern to use so you never have to worry about dented corners by the zipper ends is the Open Wide bag by Noodlehead (the gray bag) and another very similar version, Full Access Zipper Bag by Jedi Craft Girl (the sheep bag). I had never made this type of zipper bag before and I can say that they were very easy! The difference in the two patterns is how you sew the beginning of the zipper. In the Noodlehead Open Wide bag, the end of the zipper is folded back before the metal stop. The  Jedi Craft Girl Full Accesss Zipper bag, the zipper is curved down into the seam after the metal stop. Of the two patterns, I preferred the curved zipper technique. It was easier for me. Either way, there are no dented corners and that's what matters to me! This will be the type of bag I will teach at the class and probably the one ones I will make from now on. =)

Do you have a favorite zippered bag tutorial/pattern that you love? Please share! 

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