Baby quilts and a new guest room


Two more baby quilts finished and in the ready to gift pile. =) 

I had to make this sweet sheep from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage and hang it in my kitchen. I need a whole flock of these cuties! 

On the home front, we finally finished refinishing the wood floor and painting our guest bedroom a soft happy yellow. This weekend, we bought a new adjustable bed for us and moved our old bed into the guest room. The room needs curtains, a bed skirt and other finishing touches, but the big jobs are now done. 

Next spring/summer, the plan is to refinish the floor in our room and give the room a new coat of paint. After 10 years, its time for an update. The quilt is cute, though! =D

As always, thanks for stopping by!! 

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Mary Had a Little Lamb


I guess it's Little Bo Peep and not Mary! ;-)
This sweet lamp found its way home with me last weekend. She is perfect for my sewing room! 

She lives on my pressing table and she serves a purpose, besides being cute. I have the lamp and my iron plugged into an outlet strip that is held onto the side of the cabinet with Command strips. I turn my iron on with the switch on the outlet strip and the lamp is turned on at the same time. I can always tell if my iron is on and hot by the lamp being lit as my visual cue. Lamp off, means iron is off. I use a vintage iron mainly because it is hot and heavy, which is great for pressing seams and because it is vintage, it doesn't have the automatic turn off feature. This setup is very helpful to remind me to turn the iron off when not in use. There is my little tip of the day! =)

Have a happy Tuesday!

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Baby quilts 1 - 4


I've been on a bit of a baby quilt binge lately. They are fast and fun and perfect for those times when you need to feel like you have accomplished something when time is not on your side. I rarely have boy quilts waiting in the wings, so I decided to do something about it. This summer I picked up two charm packs of Moda's Bartholo-Meow's Reef. With those two charm packs, a bit of fabric from my stash, I was able to create three baby quilts. Two are not quite finished yet, but I can share the one I did get done. This baby quilt pattern was a free one by Made By Rae that you can find here. Love the bright orange grunge as the binding. 

This is a Jelly Roll Jam 2 quilt by Fat Quarter Shop made with left over jelly strips I have had for forever. Is hard to see, but for this one I quilted it in yellow silk thread. Boy, silk is great to quilt with!! It was my first time to use it and I can't wait to use it again. =) 

I would love your feedback on this one. Could it be a boy quilt? Or do the flowers make it a girl only quilt? 

The next two are obvious for girl babies. No doubt about it!

This is a simple Irish chain quilt. As you can see, there is nothing too difficult about this one. =) 

Another very simple quilt made using left over flannel and chenille. I backed it with left over pieces of minky.  

I have four more waiting in the wings to be quilted. I think making 8 baby quilts counts as a binge, don't you? 

Have a happy Monday!!

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Aviatrix Medallion


 After almost a year and a half in the waiting to be quilted pile, I got the Aviatrix Medallion basted and quilted a couple of weeks ago.

The back view. =) 

I used wool batting because I love it. However, I should have paid more attention. When quilting in a circle, the fabric does shift a bit. Because the wool has a higher loft than the cotton, it shifted a bit more than I have been used to. I adjusted the fabric from the front but didn't think about the back, so I ended up with a few puckers. I refuse to cry over it. 

Even with the flaws, I love his quilt. =) 
You can find the Aviatrix Medallion pattern at Elizabeth Hartman's shop

Have a happy Tuesday!!

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Happy 15 to us...


Celebrating 15 years with my husband...

my favorite...

my one and only...

my treasure...

my happiness and fun...

my one true love...

Have a happy Tuesday! I will be back with some quilty finishes soon!

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Weekend in WI + Olive Juice Quilts


Russ and I took a long weekend motorcycle trip to Wisconsin this past weekend. We stayed in Richland Center and spent our time riding the back county roads. It was beautiful and relaxing! The only picture I took of the scenery was this Amish field. Aren't the stacks cute? We are going to go back soon!! Honestly, I wish we could live there. 

On our travels, we stopped in Onalaska to visit one of my all time favorite quilt shops, Olive Juice Quilts. If you love modern fabric, this shop is for you. The first fabric I saw as I walked in the door was sheep fabric in a linen blend by Kokka. I adore linen blend fabrics. The designer is Ellen Luckett Baker and its part of her Charm line. Olive Juice Quilts carries many Japanese prints. I don't know of any other shop that is remotley in my area that does. I have looked at this particular print on line many times, but hesitated to buy it without being able to see it, as it is a more expensive fabric at around $20 a yard. I carried it and hugged it the rest of my shopping time. I bought 2 yards to come live with me at home, as well as some Cotton + Steel to add to my collection. The yellow fabric with the triangles is by Art Gallery, but it played nicely with the Cotton + Steel. FYI, Olive Juice has an online shop, too. =)

This is the collection of Cotton + Steel I have so far. I ended up ordering on line some of the Picnic line by Melody Miller that was just released. Now I need to come up with a pattern to make up a quilt of this fabulous fabric! I want something simple so as not to cut the fabric too small. 

As I was checking out, this pattern caught my eye by Sewn into the Fabric. The birds nestled into the left antler was the selling point for me. Had to have it! 

While I am writing, I figure I would share the bag I made for my friend Brenda. Brenda owns the Pink Pony, an ice cream shop in West Branch and is a frequent customer at Cotton Creek Mill.  She asked me to make her a sling bag. The pattern is free found at The Destashification Project. It took some studying to understand one of the steps, but as I was making it, it made sense and was really easy. It only took me a couple of hours to make it. I hope she likes it! 

I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful days of summer. =)

Have a happy Monday!

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The bag lady who made a quilt


Good Morning!! =)

I am here to share a pattern that I often looked at and considered buying, but never quite talked myself into clicking the BUY button. The Grocery Bag pattern by Michelle's Patterns. Last week, someone on IG mentioned they had two of these bags cut out and in their ufo pile. They were finally going got get theirs done. When I read that, I revisited Michelle's Patterns Etsy shop and committed by clicking the BUY button. For two days I cut and sewed 10...Yes, 10 of these bags. They are awesome bags!! I will be giving them away as gifts, as well as using them around my house. The pattern is clear, easy and so fun! They go together like a dream. I had zero problems getting them to go together and look nice. Every one of them turned out perfectly. Love it when that happens!! They are reversible, too, so twice the fun and they are a great way to use up stash that has been sitting around for far too long. The patten includes instructions for three sizes, S, M, L. The ones pictured are medium, which is my favorite size, but if you are going to use them to get groceries, the large would be the way to go. It will hold a lot! She also gives you permission to make them and sell them in your own shop, just make sure you give the pattern credit to her. Michelle has no idea I am blogging about her pattern today, so, in other words, my review is all on my own and I am not receiving anything for it. =) 

When I wasn't sewing bags, I made up this baby quilt for a new baby girl born in our church. I love her name!! It's not one we hear very often these days. =) 

Her mom dresses up her older sisters in fun frilly dresses, so this fabric was meant to be used for their new baby sister's quilt. 

It will be wrapped up in a new grocery bag, of course. =) 

Have a happy Sunday!!

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Quilts I Neglected to Share...


In my post yesterday, I realized I didn't share the motorcycle quilt I made for Russ for Christmas. Then I began to look back in my photos and there are several quilts I never blogged about! Warning: Some of the pictures are very bad!! Probably why I didn't share them in the first place, but my blog is really a place for me to recored what I make, so they need to be here, even if the photos are really awful. =D

First bad photo. This is the only picture of this baby quilt I made and, as you can see, the blocks aren't sewn together. I took it to help remember the layout as I was sewing. It is now being loved by a darling little baby girl at my church. Do you recognize the fabric? Its Castle Peeps by Lizzy House from several years ago. 

This quilt is for Russ' sister, Cheryl. I used a left over layer cake that was generously given to me by blogging friend Colleen, who blogs at Quilting Under the Sun

I have shared the progress of this quilt in an earlier post here, but not the finished top. I have no idea how to quilt it so it is still sitting and waiting. I may pay for it to be longarmed. Not sure yet. 

I made this quilt for a wedding gift earlier this spring. The free pattern is called Moda Love and was made with a layer cake.  One again, a blogging friend gifted me with this layer cake. She no longer is active on line, but she knows who she is. =) 

The back, of course. =)

And, now the motorcycle quilt I had made for my Rusty for Christmas, that Russ generously gave it away to one of his friends/co-workers who was dying of cancer and has since passed. =( Russ took it to work and everyone signed it. We miss Vyrl dearly....

I have a feeling I missed a one or two more quilts that never made it to my blog, but that is the way it goes. =) 

Have a happy Friday! 

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