Falling Charms


Last fall, we went shopping at Front Porch Quilts in Prairie De Chien, Wi. They open up their basement where the fabric is for sale at half off. My hubby spent about an hour downstairs picking out fabric for me to play with. By himself. I was wandering upstairs while he was shopping. =) Though the photo shows only 1 charm pack, we actually bought 4. 

Plenty of fabric to make Missouri Star Quilt Company's Falling Charms quilt. =) 

Have a happy Wednesday!!!

Aviatrix Medallion: Fabric Pull


Step one in the Aviatrix Medallion quilt along is picking out the fabrics. Elizabeth wrote a great post on how to pick out your fabrics and several ways to do it. It's a blog post well worth your time to read and keep for future reference for other quilt projects. I chose to use her idea number 2, color blocking.

Elizabeth said:

Idea 2: Color Blocking
This is a simple and effective way to create your fabric groups. Start by selecting a solid fabric to act as the anchor of each group. Then pick 4 print fabrics (or an assortment of scraps) to coordinate with each of the solids. 
Color blocking will be most effective with small to medium scale monochromatic prints (prints that are just a color and white, maybe with bits of other neutrals). 

I pulled my fabrics out this morning and after a few hours, I decided one of the blue fabrics needed switched out. This is now my final pull and what I am going to go with.  *grammar cops: I have no idea how to end a sentence without a preposition!!*

If you want to follow along and see what other people are doing for the Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along, search for #aviatrixmedallion on Instagram. 

Have a happy Tuesday!!

Baby Postage Stamp


This one turned out cute. I love simple patchwork and sometimes simple is the perfect way to go. This one is going into my charity quilt/gift pile. =) 

I forgot to add my label. Oh, well...

Have a happy Sunday...

Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along


Elizabeth@Oh, Fransson! is hosting a quilt along of her newest quilt pattern, Aviatrix Medallion

Isn't it amazing!!?

source: Oh, Frannson!
I have been following Elizabeth ever since I first starting quilting. She is so very talented and inspiring. I have been itching to make a modern quilt for a while now, so this is perfect! I have more fun working on more challenging quilts when there is a group doing it together. It's a great way to meet new friends, as well. =)

If you would like to join in, too, you will need her Aviatrix Medallion pattern, which Elizabeth graciously put on sale through April 13th. =) 

Have a happy weekend!!

Scrap quilt


Sometimes doing mindless sewing is just what the doctor ordered. I made a huge dent in my 2.5" squares scrap box. It will finish at 57" x 57."

Proof that spring has come to Iowa! Yay! We got a lot of the leaves raked up in the back yard. We have more to go, but it does look better. 

Hope you all had a great week!!

When People Steal


Update! The offending site has been shut down! =)

Doesn't it make you mad when someone takes your stuff? It does me. Through Facebook, I was led to a blog post by The Bitchy Stitcher. She shares about a web site that is pirating many quilters blog posts. Imagine my surprise when I have been pirated, too. 



Here is the thieving blog...You will have to copy paste the url. I refuse to link directly to them, out of principal... www.quiltpatternspro.com 

They have a search box, so you can easily search your own blog name to see if you have been pirated, too. I am sad to say, I recognize many blog posts that are on there now from my other blogging friends. =( Make sure you go check and see if you are on there. 

What this means is I will have to change my settings to a truncated rss feed. If following by email or on a blog reader, you will only get a small portion of my blog post. To read it all, you will have to click though and come to my blog to read the rest. At least, that is how I think it all works. =) I am in the process of learning about this stuff. 

The thieving blog is hosted by GoDaddy and they have procedures to deal with infringement. I am going to try to wade my way through the legalize and lodge a complaint. 

Mini wall quilt

With that, not so happy post, I am off to do some behind the scenes work on my blog. 

Have a happy day, everyone! There is always something to smile about, right? =)

Quilty Fun ~ Finish


Okay...I am just going to say it with no shame. 

I am SO PROUD of my Quilty Fun quilt!! It went together like a dream! 

And here it is in my sewing room where I can look at it all day long. =)

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Steve's Quilt ~ Finish


All done!

But I think the back is the best!!

Note to self...Prewash the dark rich colored fabrics. =(  Only two yellow blocks got this bit of bleed, so it could have been worse, but still. *sigh*

I hope you never have to sing the, "I Should Have Pre-washed," blues. 

Happy Thursday to you all!!

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