Fall is here!


Fall is not my most favorite season, summer is, but I have to admit, fall is a beautiful season and it has been especially so this year. I just need to get over grieving the loss of summer. 😉

Last fall, I purchased two Primitive Muslin flannel layer cakes to make a fall quilt and sewed them up very simply to make a cuddle quilt for the couch. Now that fall has rolled around again, I knew I had to get it finished so it could be used! It's all wrinkly because it has already been nap tested. It passed. 😴

I wish the back fabric showed the gold metallic sparkle. I have been collecting gold metallic fabric lately. No plan, just kinda love it! Not my norm at all. =) 

To continue the fall theme, I got to make a shop sample using a new Hoffman fabric line called All A Twitter. It is stunning! The pattern is by New Leaf Stitches.  When it comes back from the quilters, I will take a picture of the whole quilt. I really love it! Cotton Creek Mill does have kits if you would want to get one.😄

I have also been sewing lots and lots of grocery bags using the pattern by Michelle Patterns. Our church participates with Operation Christmas Child and I thought they would be a great gift for the children and they fold/roll up nice and small. They are fun and easy to make. 😊

Thank you for stopping by! 

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Orange Peel Quilt


Making an orange peel quilt has been on my "I want to make" list for a long time. A few weeks ago when Julie @ A Crafty Quilter released a couple of blog posts detailing the different ways to applique. It was the push and encouragement that I needed to get started. 

Here are the links to Julie's posts that detail the different ways to applique:

The method I have chosen to use is the turned edge technique demonstrated by Sharon Schamber's daughter, Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom. Cristy made several videos that take you step by step on how to do the turned edge applique that really helped me to gain confidence that I could do this and have it turn out well. 

The next decision was what fabric to use. I have plenty in my stash, but none was really what I was looking for and I had in the back of my mind on making this one a big one for our queen sized bed. I figured if I was going to go all out, I wanted special fabric and one fabric I have been wanting to try out was cotton lawn. Sue Daley's Linen and Lawn by Penny Rose was perfect! The colors are so bright and cheerful! After playing with the lawn, I want more in my stash! It is wonderful fabric. So soft and light and yet strong! It feels so good and it is easy to work with. 

For my quilt, I am using the Fat Quarter Shop Orange Peel 5" template and tracing them on Quilters Select Print and Piece. If you haven't heard of Quilters Select Print and Piece/Print and Piece Fuse Lite, it's a paper like product that is partially water soluble. When you wash the quilt, half the fibers will go away and the others that are left will create a bit of loft under the applique. That's the look I am going for. Next time I will use the Quilters Select Print and Piece Fuse-Lite. It would have eliminated me having to use a glue stick to get the fabric to stick on the orange peels I cut out.   

According to my math, I need 324 petals! Lots of tracing and cutting! 

I love my applique pressing sheet. It keeps the glue off my pressing table and then washes off the sheet easily. 

Here is a picture of the backside of one of my finished orange peels. 

Eventually, the orange peels will be appliqued on a four patch of Essex linen in natural and Kona snow. The four patch will finish at 10". I will be making 81 to make a 90"x90" quilt. At that time I will decide if I want to add borders to make it a bit bigger. 

This is not a quick project to be sure, but it's one I am excited about. =) 

Have a happy Thursday! 

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Strings, Triangles and Hiking


Good Morning! Autumn is most definitely in the air in Iowa these days. Very cool mornings...I'm always sad to see summer go, although fall is a very beautiful season here in the midwest. I have been in the fall cleaning mood, so most of my time has been spent getting some of that done, although I did get some fun play time in and I managed to get a couple of tops off my to-do list. 

This baby quilt is made with the left over half square triangles from this quilt

I used Moda Grunge Peony for the back. 

The binding is Moda Luxe Brushstrokes in black. I am trying to convince myself I don't need to buy more of this fabric, but I am not fully convinced. 

I also finished another string quilt. I still have more blocks in a box that need to be made into a top! 

In other news, Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Effigy Mounds near Marquette, Iowa. We have been doing a lot of hiking this summer and we are always looking for a new trail to explore. This is one we will come back to again. The trail is beautiful! 

These mounds you can see, but the rest need a high vantage point to get a clear picture of the bears and other animals depicted by the ancient peoples. Still very beautiful! 

There was a tornado earlier this year in the area and you can see some of the damage that occurred during that storm. 

As I was looking out at one of the overlooks, I saw a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye on the fence. When I looked down I saw a walking stick bug! I could have watched him all day! 

Right now I am stalking my postman waiting for a fabric delivery for a project I am excited about. I am still working it out all in my mind. =) When I get it all settled, I'll share more about it!

Until next time!! 

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Anniversary Weekend and The Great American Eclipse


Saturday, Russ and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Yay us!! It was purely by accident, but we can pretend that all that we did this busy extended weekend was an extended celebration of us!

Thursday we went with friends to the lovely Paramount Theater to see Tim Hawkins. If you have never heard of him...run, don't walk...and Google him and watch some of his videos. He is hilarious!!

Saturday was spent on the motorcycle. It was a day trip touring around the Yellow River Forest area.

But the big event was on Monday! The day we had been waiting for...The Great American Eclipse! We traveled to Missouri to get to a place to watch where we could see the eclipse in totality and it was so worth it! I did not take many pictures because I wanted to soak up as much of the experience as I could without looking at my phone. 

I took this one picture of Russ as he was looking at the sun just as it went behind the moon and we could look without the glasses. 

The picture doesn't show how dark it really was. The street lights came on, the cicadas began to sing, and the ambient light was eerie. It was amazing to see the sky in sunset mode 360 degrees around us. But, seeing the sun covered by the moon...Wow...I was so surprised to see how just the tiniest sliver of the sun showing lights up the earth was surprising! It showed to me just how powerful the sun is! That's why you need to go to a totality zone. It's a whole different experience. There really are no words to describe it...I am still in awe of the spectacular beauty and awe of God's majesty that was on display in such a magnificent performance. 

source: NASA

In April of 2024, there will be another eclipse that will touch parts of the US. Russ and I are already making plans to go to that one, too. We are thinking of traveling to Texas. We shall see! 

In case you haven't seen this great quilt called Eclipse Sky that was designed by Canuck Quilter Designs just for The Great American Eclipse, I thought I would share. I think it is pretty special. You can read about it on her blog Canuck Quilter Designs

Thanks for stopping in and sharing life with me. =) Next time I will get back to sharing some quilty goodness! 

Have a happy Tuesday!! 

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Dolly Dresses and Dogs in Sweaters


 The Dogs in Sweaters quilt has been finished and delivered. I love how it turned out and rumor has it, the baby boy is enjoying it. 

I quilted it using free form wavy lines which is my favorite quilting. It's fast and easy! The texture is always amazing!

Dolly Dresses is also quilted and it will be delivered this later this month. For this one, I chose to do spiral quilting. I used a bar connected to my walking foot to keep the distance between the lines consistent. I usually just eye ball it. One of these days I will share the other two Pam Kitty Morning panel quilts I made using the Perfect Ten pattern

This month's Sew Sweet Bee queen bee is Gracey @ Burlap and Blossoms. This is her own design and you can purchase it in her Etsy shop. She has many cute patterns, so be sure to look around! 

Have a happy Monday!

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Scrap Vortex - Bonnie & Camille style


 Crazy Mom Quilts is the brain child for the Scrap Vortex quilts and I fell in love with the style the very first time I saw it. It's a great way to use up the tiny scraps you can't throw away, which is how I feel about my Bonnie and Camille scraps. I save nearly every one. 

And I love how this quilt turned out....

You can read more about this quilt here.

Have a happy weekend!!

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B.I.G. bag!


Monday I made myself a B.I.G. bag. I used the free pattern by Nana Company called Riverside, except I super sized it. Why? Well, Tuesday I was teaching my first class at Cotton Creek Mill on how I bind my quilts fully by machine and I needed a bag to haul my sample and the quilt I was going to use to demo my technique. It was perfect! I have a feeling I will find many uses and excuses to use it. =)  

The stats:
28" across the top
21" across the bottom
19" tall
7 1/2" deep
Straps are 30" long

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Ambleside baby quilt ~ a commissioned quilt


A sweet baby quilt for a new great granddaughter. 

The fabric is Ambleside by Moda.

Quilt measures 51" x 60".
The free pattern is called Avalon Scrappy Summer and can be found on the Moda Bakeshop blog

I got to use my new Ikaprint lables! You can read about the labels on this post

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