Postcard From Sweden {finished top}


Snowy day here in Iowa today, so no work for me. I thought I would share how I kept organized as I made my Postcard From Sweden quilt top by Jeli Quilts. 

{Note to Craftygramma: I didn't have an email to respond to your comment. =) I was already too far in my process to make this into a quilt along. I hope this post is helpful for you. =) }

After I cut my squares, I immediately cut them into the triangles, then used my Wonder Clips to keep them together with their color name and number. In my picture, the ones with only the number are the ones I had that were the exact color she had in her list. As you can see, a vast majority of my colors were replacements. 

I followed Kelly's suggestion of having stickers with a row and number to help keep track of where it belonged. When I matched the triangles that went together, I put the sticker on the upper right section before sewing, that way I would know which way the triangle was to lay. I then chained pieced the triangles for each row. After each row was made, I marked it off. It helped me keep my eyes looking at the right spot. 

Here is one of the piles of triangles sewn together waiting to be trimmed and them put together in a row. The number/row sticker is still on each HST. I did not remove them until the row was all put together. For my quilt, I chose to press all my HST's open to eliminate bulk in the seams. 

The rows go together quickly. These have the little stickers removed and now each row is marked with their letter to keep them in order.

Here they are all done and waiting to be put together. =) 

And here it is! All sewn together! I made the larger version. It finishes at 60" x 75". It's such a bright and happy quilt. =) 

I am going to use this text 108" fabric by Windham for the back. 

Before I let you go for the day, I have been getting many no-reply comments, which means I am unable to respond to your comment. If you doubt whether or not your setting are set as no-reply, please consider leaving your email in your comment so I can reach you. =)  

Have a happy day!! 

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Postcard From Sweden {Fabric Pull}


Have you seen the Postcard From Sweden quilt made by Kelly @Jelliquilts? Please, please, please go to Jelliquilts and read all about Kelly's inspiration. Its awesome!! I'll wait....

Is not Kelly's quilt serious eye candy? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it last year sometime and knew I wanted to make one someday. In fact, a picture of her quilt is my wallpaper on all of my Apple devices. =) I love it that much!!

Source: Jeli Quilts
Kelly offers a free pattern of Postcard From Sweden on Craftsy. The pattern is really well written with a chart and tips. Or you can order a kit on Craftsy. =) 

Now that I am on a roll here after such a long dry spell, I printed the pattern and began to study Kelly's Kona color chart then I began a fabric pull. I went to the Kona site, looked up the color Kelly used and matched that color as close as I could with what I already had in my stash. I was surprised how well I was able to do! There is a lot of purple tones in this quilt and that is one color I have very little of in my stash. My fabric pull includes solids I had left over from the sample I made for Craftsy for my quilt pattern Amy's Stars, Moda Grunge, Michael Miller Cotton Couture and Cotton + Steel. 

Let the fun begin!!

Have a happy Monday!! 

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Cotton and Steel {Triangle Quilt}


I have been so paralyzed as to what to make with my Cotton and Steel fabrics I have been collecting. I did some self talk and told myself that making something was better than letting the fabric sit on the shelf and if I didn't like what I made, there is more fabric out in the world and it can be replaced. I have to have these type of conversations with myself often. I took a deep breath and cut into the Cotton and Steel to make myself a triangle quilt....And I love it!! I love triangle quilts. I have made several over the years, but never kept one for myself. =)

The stats, in case you all would like to make one, too. =)

150 - 8.5" 60 degree triangles makes an approximately 65" x 80" quilt.  

I am tossing it on the pile to be quilted while I decide on what to use for a quilt back. 

I have a fabric pull for my next project. I am on a roll!! lol!

Have a happy weekend!

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Sewing again...


I had quite a long dry spell of not touching my machine and not feeling motivated to do anything. I would lay out fabric, pet it, search on Pinterest for hours days, look at patterns and then put the fabric all away again. This went on for weeks. Even with new pretty fabrics joining my stash, I felt paralyzed to make any decision. It's an awful feeling. 

Last summer, when Russ and I went to Missouri Star Quilt Company, Russ picked out fabric and a pattern for a quilt for himself, by himself. The plan was to work on it together this winter, but when he surprised me with a new kitchen floor, and he is refinishing a table for me. I will share more on that some other time. Last week, with his blessing, I pulled the fabric out and made the top. I won't say that I loved the process of cutting, pressing and sewing, but I think that was mostly because I don't love the fabric and the colors are so not me. The thing is, what helped me break out of the paralyzing dry spell was doing something loving for my husband, who is so very good to me. And he loves it, so that is what matters... 

Yay for me! My first quilt top of 2016!

He over bought (I taught him well. *wink*), so I had plenty to piece together a fairly interesting back for it, too. 

Since that went so well, I pulled myself together and decided to put an idea I've had in my head into action. I pulled out the red and green Bonnie and Camille fabrics in my stash, bit the bullet and created a giant Christmas Swoon. And, this math challenged quilter, did the math all by myself! As I laid it out, I realized I was missing a few blocks! 

Here she is all finished. The quilt top measures 65" x 65". I am not sure if it's done yet. I made myself open a new fat quarter bundle to pull out fabrics for this quilt to use along with the scraps. And, it felt good!! Bonus! I am ahead of the game for Christmas this year. Ha!

Now I want to cut up the Cotton and Steel stash I have to make a triangle quilt. If I am not careful, I will have a stack of UFO's, and, you know what? It will be just fine with me!!

Yay for feeling excited about creating again! 

Have a happy rest of the week! 

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Capi and Lisa {Oh, Happy Day!}


I am very honored to share with you two awesome quilts using my tutorial Oh, Happy Day as the inspiration. =) 

First up is Capi's version that she made for her dad. She made it look like a window and used a tablecloth of her mom's (I am almost positive I have that correct) for the window curtains. She is super clever, don't you think? You can see the other really cute things she makes at her Etsy shop.

Next up is Lisa's version. I love how she made her grass! And her flowers are so bright and happy. =) You can see more of Lisa's talent on her Flickr page

Thanks, Capi and Lisa, for letting me share your quilts! You made my day...

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Dear Daughter {Block of the Month}


Have you all seen this clever block of the month called Dear Daughter by Sherri Noel @ Rebecca Mae Designs?

Here is the layout...It's so interesting and unique. I had to sign up! I'll be changing the text areas up to say other things. Not sure to what yet. =) 

You can get all the information for the Dear Daughter block of the month @ Rebecca Mae Designs. Let me know if you decide to sign up, too!!

Have a happy Wednesday!!

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2016 Sew Sweet Bee and Stash


I've hardly touched my sewing machine in weeks, thus the silence here on my blog. If not for the Sew Sweet Bee block I needed to make for dear Jane, my sewing machine wouldn't have been turned on! Not because I don't want to, but because my sewing mojo has run away. I hope it comes back soon!

The block Jane requested for her month as queen bee was the sailboat block from the Fatquarter Shop Snapshots quilt along. Her quilt will be so cute!

One of my self imposed goals this year is to not buy more stash, except for fabric I would need to help use what I have and only if necessary. That said, I am allowing a few exceptions. ;-) And, in my defense, much of what you will see today, I ordered last year. =) 

I think you can easily guess why I had to have Cotton and Steel's new line called Clover. =) Those lambs!! Eeep!

I also picked up the Cotton and Steel fat quarter basics. The colors are so wonderful! 

And the last splurge was a half yard bundle of V and Co Ombre fabrics. Don't they look nice with the Cotton and Steel fabrics? I wish you could see them in real life. They really shine....

 My other exception I posted about last month, Little Ruby. That will certainly join my stash. Ruby was the one line I regret not buying more of the first time it came out. I am not making that mistake again. =) 

I'm off to surf Pinterest to get some inspiration! 

Have a happy weekend!! 

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My kitchen gets an update...


I hope you all had a happy Christmas. =) Now its time to ring in the new year! We are bringing in 2016 with a huge project. I am finally getting a new kitchen floor! During Christmas week, my husband's work place shuts down. Four years ago this week, we took that time to repaint the kitchen and add wainscoting on the walls. Two years ago we were going to replace the disgusting flooring, however, life got in the way. I was thrilled when Russ said we could do the floor this year! Woo hoo!! 

After weeks of researching and discussing our options, we decided to go with Snapstone porcelain tiles and chose the walnut planks. Eventually we will refinish the hard wood floor on the other side of the kitchen. Someday, someday, someday. A little bit at a time is how we roll. 

 The half bath off the kitchen will have the same floor. He has it almost done. You can see the ugly flooring we had. See that black line? That is the vinyl floor seam and it separated, so that ugly black line was always there. Ugh...Eventually this bathroom will get a whole new makeover. I want to have tiles on the walls. That will take a year or two, probably. For now, a new floor makes me very happy!

This is the area that will take some thought and planning. The former owners added this peninsula counter that could be flapped down to get it out of the way. In all the last 18 years I have lived here, I have never had it down. There isn't enough counter space without it. I jerry rigged up a solution to get more drawer space. The plan is to build a new cupboard area in the place of the cabinet that is there. I need drawers! We are exploring the options from Ikea cabinets, to unfinished cabinets that we paint, to transforming a dresser into a peninsula. We want it to look completely different from the cupboards because trying to match them would be difficult and then they won't ever look right. When that gets decided, new counters can go in. That's a whole other major decision! Now, if money were no object, the decision would be much easier. ;-) We will update the cupboards with new hardware, too. Just to give them a better look. 

That's what is going on around here! I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks! I hope to get back to creating with fabric very soon! 

Have a happy new year, everyone! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. =) I am very grateful for all of you! Truly!

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