Traveler's Notebooks


A few years ago, I tried to use an Erin Condren planner. Big fail for me!! The planner itself was very nice! But it was not what I needed. This year, I discovered traveler's notebooks. Now, this is working for me!! 😄

I bought my traveler's notebook from The Leather Quill Shoppe. Isn't it pretty? The color is Turquoise Trail with a natural wrap in an A5 size. I also bought a Lamy Safari fountain pen to use for my writing. What I like about this set up is you buy notebook inserts and put them in your traveler's notebook. There are hundreds to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Once I decided how I was going to use my traveler's notebook, journaling, and Bible study work, I knew I needed two inserts and chose these Midori notebooks. Once they are used up, you buy more inserts. Pretty cool!

Right now I am reading Jen Wilkin's book, Women of the Word and studying through 1 Peter. I find that reading out loud and copying the Bible helps me to get a better understanding. I have a very difficult time with remembering what I have read. Not just the Bible, with anything! Repetition is a must for me to get an understanding, as well as using as many of my senses as possible. I have been far more consistent with my Bible reading/studying with this setup. In the past, when I tried to read the Bible in the mornings, my mind would wander so often and I would forget what I just read, so I gave up. Reading out loud and writing the Word is so helpful to keep my mind focused and engaged. Perhaps this idea will be helpful to you, too...

If you want to learn more about traveler's notebooks, just do a Google search. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with information!! I had no idea what they were before last month and what a huge big deal they are. There are tons of blogs on them, as well as YouTube videos. Of course, if you have any questions, you can ask this newbie and I will try to answer the best I can. 😊

Also, if you are interested in the world of fountain pens and ink, Goulet Pens is the place to start. They have many videos on how to use them, clean them and reviews. I love my Lamy Safari fine point pen. In fact, I have an extra fine point Lamy Safari fountain pen in my sights. 😉

How many of you have or have heard of a traveler's notebook? How do you use yours? 

Happy 2018!


2017 left with me working on the petal quilt. It's set aside for now until I decide if it is done or if I want to try to wrestle this queen size quilt under my needle again and add some more quilting. You can read more about this quilt here and here. No matter what I decide, I already love it!

My favorite Christmas present, an Apple Watch...My hubby is thinking about getting one, too, now that he sees how much I use and enjoy mine. =) 

I will be teaching a few classes at Cotton Creek Mill in the next few months. One class will be how to baste a quilt sandwich and quilt it using a walking foot. Another will be on how to bind a quilt completely by machine, which I have taught before, and the Swoon block by Thimble Blossoms. What better way to kill lots of birds with one stone than to make a top using the Swoon pattern and use it for teaching in the basting/quilting class and binding class, as well as advertising for the Swoon block class. The fabrics I used are Basic Grey's Biscuits and Gravy and Grunge

As a side note, Camille updated her Swoon pattern since I bought mine when it was first released. It is much easier to follow and the pieces nest nicely! *big thumbs up* 2018 started out busy and fun! 

Until next time, may 2018 bring grace and peace to all of you!

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Happy Christmas!!


 May the God of hope fill you with all joy 
and peace in believing,
 so that by the power of the Holy Spirit
 you may abound in hope.
 ~ Romans 15:13

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Taking photos while the sun shines...


Fall in Iowa this year has been filled with wet and cold days and dreary gray skies. Today is sunny, so I grabbed the quilts I finished over the last few weeks so I could get some pictures of them while the sun was shining! 

I pulled out my hoarded Flea Market Fancy (Denyse Schmidt) scraps and made a small baby quilt. Oh, how I loved this fabric!! I wish I had bought more of it when I had the chance! 

This next quilt is a hard one to photograph no matter the weather. I think all the white makes it hard to capture the colors accurately. 

In person, it is a really sweet and fun...

All it needs is a little girl to love it! 

This quilt is very similar to this one I made earlier this year. The Perfect Ten pattern is a great way to use up those panels! 

This is one of two matching quilts I made for gifts for Christmas. They are both packaged up and ready to give, otherwise, I would get better pictures of the both of them. At least I got one picture, even though it's not the greatest. I don't work with batiks very often, however, every time I do, I remember how much I love working with them! The pattern is a free one and a great way to use fat quarters. The extra bits left over from the fat, I made into the border. Every bit of the fat quarter got used and I love that! You can find the pattern here: Stashbuster Quilt Pattern

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!! 🦃 Let the Christmas shopping begin!! 

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Red, White, PINK and Blue: The Results are in!


To catch up on my story of my red, white, PINK and blue quilt, read yesterday's blog post. Per the instructions shared by Vicki Welsh in her article, Save My Bleeding Quilt, I soaked it in the bathtub with very hot water for 12 hours with 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap. I then placed it in the washing machine without adding any more soap, to rinse it out well and this is the result....

I apologize for the picture quality, but I think you can see the difference clearly enough. 

All in all, I am thrilled with the result! I consider this quilt saved! Yay!

 One note, that I didn't mention yesterday, after trying to get the pink out with the synthrapole, I dried the quilt in the dryer, so if you have a quilt that has had dye bleed and you have washed and dried it, it is worth a try to see if this method removes it.  You have nothing to lose, right? 😄

Here is the link again...Save it to your files!

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Red, white, PINK and blue...


I should have known better. I should have prewashed or, at the very least, tested the red fabric to see if it would bleed. I did not and now I have a red, white, PINK and blue quilt. *sigh* Yes, I used a color catcher, but it obviously wasn't enough. Now, this quilt isn't a gift for anyone in particular, but I did want the option to gift it to someone if they wanted it. With the color bleed the way it stands now, I don't have that option. In other words, I am not devastated at the color bleed, but it is disappointing. 

As I was studying it this morning, I found it curious to see how some of the whites really picked up the red, but some didn't at all! 

 Some of the colored fabrics weren't affected and others got duller

I rewashed the quilt a couple of times with synthrapole in the washing machine, but I didn't see much improvement. I went to bed last night accepting that it would always have a pink tint to it and it would become a car quilt. However, this morning, while I was taking pictures to show you all the "pretty pink," I recalled an article that I had saved called, Save My Bleeding Quilt by Vicki Welsh. I figure I had nothing to lose, so I am giving it a try! 

It has to soak for at least 12 hours. I will give you an update on how it goes. 😀

Linking again to Vicki's article, in case you missed it. 😊

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Quilt Updates


The bird quilt I mentioned in this post, has been quilted and is now on display at Cotton Creek Mill. It still needs a binding, but that can wait, right? Isn't the quilting amazing?! It was done by a local longarmer, Sarah at Bee Quilted. I can not recommend Sarah highly enough. She does excellent work! 

My orange peel quilt that I talked about on this post, is now a finished top. It measures at 94" x 94", which will fit nicely on our queen size bed.  I am dreading the basting part of the process...Ugh!

I chose to use a blanket stitch for the applique and the thread I used was 80 weight Quilters Select thread which I loved!! It is so fine and very strong. I'll be using it again! 

The Print and Piece applique paper in the orange peels, make the quilt very stiff at this point. It was a little difficult to wrestle with as I was putting it together.  

Since this photo was taken, I added a 4" white border. I wanted the blocks to float. I still need to figure out what I want to use as a backing and binding. I do love how it turned out and I look forward to cuddling underneath it! 

I finished the red, white and blue quilt I made last May. I am all ready for next 4th of July! 

I began quilting without thinking about what thread was in my bobbin. I got too far along to rip out what I had done and switching to red bobbin thread. Oh, well....For the binding, I used the serpentine stitch, just for fun. I like it and will do that again! 

Anyone else going to be Instagram stalking the peeps that will be at market this weekend? I can't wait to see what fabrics will be coming our way next year! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!

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Fall is here!


Fall is not my most favorite season, summer is, but I have to admit, fall is a beautiful season and it has been especially so this year. I just need to get over grieving the loss of summer. 😉

Last fall, I purchased two Primitive Muslin flannel layer cakes to make a fall quilt and sewed them up very simply to make a cuddle quilt for the couch. Now that fall has rolled around again, I knew I had to get it finished so it could be used! It's all wrinkly because it has already been nap tested. It passed. 😴

I wish the back fabric showed the gold metallic sparkle. I have been collecting gold metallic fabric lately. No plan, just kinda love it! Not my norm at all. =) 

To continue the fall theme, I got to make a shop sample using a new Hoffman fabric line called All A Twitter. It is stunning! The pattern is by New Leaf Stitches.  When it comes back from the quilters, I will take a picture of the whole quilt. I really love it! Cotton Creek Mill does have kits if you would want to get one.😄

I have also been sewing lots and lots of grocery bags using the pattern by Michelle Patterns. Our church participates with Operation Christmas Child and I thought they would be a great gift for the children and they fold/roll up nice and small. They are fun and easy to make. 😊

Thank you for stopping by! 

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