9-11 A Day I will NEVER Forget....


Three years ago this month, Russ and I went to NYC for a 3 day trip we had won. It was the most amazing trip and I long to go back to the city. Since we had only a few days there, we had to be very deliberate on what we would do and see while we were there. On the top of our list was the 9-11 Memorial.

 This is One World Trade Center during its construction.

A few names of those who perished on that day...

Many unborn children are honored there, as well....

The fountains where the original towers once stood. 

Its safe to say that the time we spent in NYC, is one of my favorite vacations. I truly wished we could have stayed longer. I love New York...

More Farming


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been farming like crazy. I really love making these blocks. =) More farming planned for today. The rest of my week will be busy working at the shop. My boss' daughter is getting married, so I will be running things while they celebrate. I'm a little nervous, however, I am sure I will do just fine. =)

What's keep you busy these days? 

Farming with Pam Kitty


Thank you all for your input on what fabric to make my Farmer's Wife quilt with. Pam Kitty, which was what I was leaning to use, has become my final decision. I am having so much fun making these blocks!!

Earlier this summer, I won Karen Walker's first six classes of Farmer's Wife Revival. Karen's classes are worth every penny and I have already purchased classes 7 and 8. Class 9 will be released any day now. I can't speak highly enough of how much easier her classes make the process of making this amazing quilt. I am so thrilled to finally be a real farmer!!

Have a happy weekend, everyone!!

I need help in making a decision


Can you help a gal out? I need to make a decision on what fabric to use and get going on my Farmer's Wife Revival quilt. =) I am paralyzed by indecision...

I have the full fat quarter collections of each of theses in my stash. Which one should I choose? 

3 - Pam Kitty Picnic (as well as some Pam Kitty Love and Pam Kitty Morning)
4 - Go shopping!!

If it helps any, I have been leaning hard about using the Pam Kitty fabrics. I just need a push...

When I am stuck in an indecisive place, I like to make a "quick" project. The last couple of days, I worked on a new bag. There isn't a pattern for this one. I just made it up as I went. To make it structured, I used the same method as my Amy Butler Weekender bag

Next time I need to add a little something to the back panel. I wasn't thinking...

My first attempt at a recessed zipper. Really like it!

Slip pockets and a zippered pocket in the lining. 

I need to get out of the square rut and make a bag with some shape. 

Thanks in advance, for helping me get off the fence and make a decision on my Farmer's Wife Quilt. =D

Have a happy Thursday!!

Around the World Blog Hop


Hello and welcome to my day to share on the Around the World Blog Hop. =) I was invited by a new-to-me friend, Shirley @ Simple Sew to join in on this fun I guess you would call it a linky party. It would worth your time to check out the darling baby hats Shirley has made for her grands. They are so cute!

If you haven't heard about the Around the World Blog Hop before, essentially, you are tagged by a friend and asked to answer four questions and then asked to tag three more friends to play along. Because I am the great procrastinator (I am writing this the day before it's due) I was only able to find two friends to play along. I am also the great rule breaker, as well. ;-)

The two friends I have tagged are:

1 -  Dora @ Dora Quilts : Dora is a very talented quilter. I so admire the work she has done and shares with her blog readers. What makes her so special in my eyes is that she uses all vintage machines to sew and quilt. She even does free motion quilting with a treadle sewing machine! Her blog is a fun place to visit.

2 - Karen @ In The Sewing Basket : Let me tell you about Karen, she is the kindest and sweetest person out there. She found me on this blogging world and it didn't take long for us to become fast friends. We text and email several times a day!! She is a longarmer and one day hopes to open up her home as a quilting/sewing retreat and offer classes. She is smart, funny and real. She has been a huge support to me over the last few months while our family has been going through a difficult journey. I appreciate her friendship, her humor and her "chatty kathy" style of writing. I am very grateful to have her in my life....

Watch for Dora and Karen's their posts on Monday, September 8th.

Now here we go!!

1- What am I working on?

I recently purchased my first Craftsy class. Twisted Irish Chain taught by Amy Gibson. This is the beginning of the first project called, "My Favorite Things." I love Irish Chain quilts and have wanted to make one for forever. This class was the push I needed. =)

The gray fabric I chose for the chains is a linen/cotton blend. I love this fabric! For the fabric squares, I used Flea Market Fancy and some special sheep fabric I have been saving for just the right project. 

I can't wait to get this one finished!! 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Wow...Hmmmm. I don't have any idea how to answer this question, so I am not going to. Told you I was a rule breaker. =D

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I am compelled to sew and quilt. It is my passion and there is always more to learn and to grow. It is never boring, which keeps my add/impulsive personality happy. Also, being created in God's image, I create because He is the great Creator. Everyone is creative in some way, wether it's cooking, writing, photography, painting, decorating or the myriad  of other ways people create. I am guilty of saying I am not creative, but the truth is, I am and so are you. =)

I love to make quilts for others. Every new baby in my church family, gets a baby quilt and newly weds get one as well. If a baby or wedding isn't in their future, a quilt will find it's way to them at some somepoint. Sometimes, a quilt will tell me who it belongs to. Its my way of showing my love to them and it gives me a great reason to keep buying fabric and making more quilts. Our home only needs so many and I never want to stop making them. =)

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I am inspired by what others are creating. I search a lot on Pinterest, and the other wonderful quilting bloggers are always challenging me and getting my mind to think outside of the box and to try new things.

That's about it in a nut shell. =)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and a big THANK YOU, Shirley, for inviting me to play along=)

Have a happy Monday!!

Twisted Irish Chain


I am excited! The Twisted Irish Chain Craftsy class that I have had on my wish list for a long time, is on sale! I am only partway through the first few lessons and my mind is whirling with ideas. 

The instructor is Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock. Her blog is one of the first ones I began to follow back when I was first began quilting and blogging. 

The quilt behind her is called, "My Favorite Things." I am thinking the little bit of Flea Market Fancy I have left would work perfectly as the focal fabric. I also have some quilt panels that I don't ever know what to do with. Hmmmm....Maybe I need to make more than one of this quilt. =D

Craftsy has 21 quilting related classes on sale now. You may want to check it out! And, no, I am not affiliated in any way. Just a happy customer. =) 

Have a happy Wednesday!

A Few Finishes


First...I LOVE my job!! I am so thankful to be working at a darling quilt shop (Cotton Creek Mill) that I love and with people that I love. =) I will say, working has cut into my blogging time. When I have my days off, I would much rather sew than blog. Just keeping it real. =) So, if I have been absent from  your blogs when it comes to comments, that would be why, but I do read every one of the posts. =)

That said I am, also behind on posting some finishes, so without further ado, here are the latest quilts I have finished up.

The Nested Churn Dash...Pattern by Quilt Jane.

 I am only slightly obsessed with Bonnie and Camille fabric lines...Dare I mention I have a Miss Kate Jelly Roll in my stash. One of many perks of working at Cotton Creek Mill. ;-)

 And this is a wedding gift for a couple in my church. I used two layer cakes of Holly Taylor's Woodland Summer.

And the pretty back...

I quilted it using 12 weight Sulky thread (purchased from Cotton Creek Mill...Yet another perk of working at a quilt shop). I used a size 100/18 needle in my Juki and it worked like a charm! I used regular 50 weight thread in the bobbin. I will definitely use the 12 weight thread more often. I love how it looks!

Oh, and today is our 14th wedding anniversary! Yay, us!! Please ignore my helmet hair and the awkwardness of this photo. We were sitting in a hammock and trying not to fall out!

                Have a happy week!!



Rina @ Crickets Corner, you are the winner of my latest giveaway!! Send me your address and I will mail you your fabric and patterns. =)

I am sorry for not responding to the comments. I worked two extra days and I was way too tired and busy with the other things I had to get done to sit at the computer. Forgive me?

Can't leave without sharing a picture of a favorite summer treat we like to make. And eat!! =)

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