The bag lady who made a quilt


Good Morning!! =)

I am here to share a pattern that I often looked at and considered buying, but never quite talked myself into clicking the BUY button. The Grocery Bag pattern by Michelle's Patterns. Last week, someone on IG mentioned they had two of these bags cut out and in their ufo pile. They were finally going got get theirs done. When I read that, I revisited Michelle's Patterns Etsy shop and committed by clicking the BUY button. For two days I cut and sewed 10...Yes, 10 of these bags. They are awesome bags!! I will be giving them away as gifts, as well as using them around my house. The pattern is clear, easy and so fun! They go together like a dream. I had zero problems getting them to go together and look nice. Every one of them turned out perfectly. Love it when that happens!! They are reversible, too, so twice the fun and they are a great way to use up stash that has been sitting around for far too long. The patten includes instructions for three sizes, S, M, L. The ones pictured are medium, which is my favorite size, but if you are going to use them to get groceries, the large would be the way to go. It will hold a lot! She also gives you permission to make them and sell them in your own shop, just make sure you give the pattern credit to her. Michelle has no idea I am blogging about her pattern today, so, in other words, my review is all on my own and I am not receiving anything for it. =) 

When I wasn't sewing bags, I made up this baby quilt for a new baby girl born in our church. I love her name!! It's not one we hear very often these days. =) 

Her mom dresses up her older sisters in fun frilly dresses, so this fabric was meant to be used for their new baby sister's quilt. 

It will be wrapped up in a new grocery bag, of course. =) 

Have a happy Sunday!!

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Quilts I Neglected to Share...


In my post yesterday, I realized I didn't share the motorcycle quilt I made for Russ for Christmas. Then I began to look back in my photos and there are several quilts I never blogged about! Warning: Some of the pictures are very bad!! Probably why I didn't share them in the first place, but my blog is really a place for me to recored what I make, so they need to be here, even if the photos are really awful. =D

First bad photo. This is the only picture of this baby quilt I made and, as you can see, the blocks aren't sewn together. I took it to help remember the layout as I was sewing. It is now being loved by a darling little baby girl at my church. Do you recognize the fabric? Its Castle Peeps by Lizzy House from several years ago. 

This quilt is for Russ' sister, Cheryl. I used a left over layer cake that was generously given to me by blogging friend Colleen, who blogs at Quilting Under the Sun

I have shared the progress of this quilt in an earlier post here, but not the finished top. I have no idea how to quilt it so it is still sitting and waiting. I may pay for it to be longarmed. Not sure yet. 

I made this quilt for a wedding gift earlier this spring. The free pattern is called Moda Love and was made with a layer cake.  One again, a blogging friend gifted me with this layer cake. She no longer is active on line, but she knows who she is. =) 

The back, of course. =)

And, now the motorcycle quilt I had made for my Rusty for Christmas, that Russ generously gave it away to one of his friends/co-workers who was dying of cancer and has since passed. =( Russ took it to work and everyone signed it. We miss Vyrl dearly....

I have a feeling I missed a one or two more quilts that never made it to my blog, but that is the way it goes. =) 

Have a happy Friday! 

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Traveling and a Baby Quilt


Happy summer, everyone!! Mine has been fun so far, how about you? 

Russ and I spent the last two long weekends traveling on the trike. The weekend of the 4th, we took off to northern WI to see Lake Superior. 

This last weekend was Rusty's birthday weekend, so we took off on a Friday and headed to Hamilton, MO, the home of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Such a cool place to visit!! I would show you my purchases, but they are being shipped. Lets just say a lot of Cotton + Steel are making their way home to my stash. =) Oh, Russ bought fabric, too, so I can make him a quilt. The motorcycle quilt I made Russ for Christmas (that I never shared on my blog! *gasp*) was given away to a dear friend of his, who has now passed away. He wants me to make him another one. The one thing about traveling on a bike is you have to really be  selective on what you purchase because room is limited. I keep hinting we need to pull a trailer, but Russ isn't picking up what I am putting down...Yet!

The next couple of days we spent riding on the Lowes Hills Scenic Byway. It was so beautiful! You can learn more about Lowes Hills here. The following pictures were taken high up on a ridge. I love seeing the flat farmland up against the bluffs. 

In the last couple of weeks, I was able to grab a day to get a baby quilt done. Two charm packs + the disappearing nine patch pattern = fast and fun baby quilt. =) I had fun quilting this one, too. I did two spirals. One with blue thread and one with green and I had them over lap. The outside edges of the quilt were then echo quilted around the two spirals. One side with yellow thread and the other with red. You may be able to see it if you click not the pictures to make them larger. 

Now I need to get busy and begin working on a shop sample. 

Until next time, have a happy Thursday and summer!!

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Carpenter Star Quilt


Long time no see! Seriously! Where did June go? 

I only got one project done in June. ONE! That is not like me, which shows how busy I have been at work and around the house. We have been busy refinishing the hardwood floors in two of the bedrooms, repainting and rearranging the house. We have one done and one to go. I'll share more on that when they are finished and the rooms are looking nice. 

On to my finished quilt...The oversized carpenter star is a free pattern that is easy and fast. Mine finished 72" x 72". It will be heading to a dear friend in Minnesota very soon! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy week, everyone!!

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House Quilt...Sew Sweet Bee


Sometimes I think I am meeting myself coming and going! I just discovered the pictures of the Sew Sweet Bee house quilt on my phone and realized I forgot to share them here! 

Simple wavy quilting...My favorite all over design. And check out the backing fabric. Perfect, no? 

The colors are so much more vibrant. The day was cloudy, so the pictures don't do it justice. 

I am thankful for the kind hands who made the blocks for me. =) 

Have a happy Monday!!

Modern Building Blocks...My Way!


It's all done! 

 Before I let the pictures do most of the talking, I want to share that I used a batting I hadn't tried before called Quilters Dream Wool. I will absolutely use it again. It was amazing to work with and I love the loft that the batting gave this quilt! I hope you can see it okay in the pictures. 

This block I messed up, so I changed the center. One of the many reasons why this quilt was done "my way." ;-)

The orange block is one of my favorites!! 

I changed the colors of the thread to match the fabric instead of using one color for the whole quilt. I have never done that before. I usually don't want to take the time. I am so glad I did!! 

I replaced the 24" block in the pattern with the Swoon block. For those who have followed me for a long time, you know how I adore the Swoon block...

Almost the whole time I was quilting it, I worried that I was "ruining" it. Tell me I am not alone with those worries! I ripped out stitches and redid them several times until I felt I got it right. Now that it's done, I feel good about it. =) 

On to the next project!! =D

Have a happy Thursday!! 

Swoon Sixteen Finish


Last weekend, Russ and I took a road trip to deliver the Swoon 16. She loved it!! That's always a relief when you are making something for someone, isn't it? =) 

There isn't any scraps left over. It all got used up. =)

The All Iowa Shop Hop is happening now, so my work hours are a bit mixed up. No complaints there! Its fun meeting new customers who are finding our shop for the first time. 

When I haven't been at work, I have been slowly getting some deep cleaning done around the house and cleaning up some gardens that are too over grown. Not fun, but it feels good to see an area all spiffed up. 

And, of course, I am working on projects. The Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt is in process of being quilted. You can see the whole quilt top here

This is the most quilt intensive top I have ever done. I tend to be in a hurry to get them done and I can get lazy and talk myself out of doing a lot of quilting. I am forcing myself to take as long as it needs to take to get it done. I must say, I am enjoying the process. I need to remember that next time I am tempted to be lazy.  I really need to learn to free motion quilt. It would open up the quilting ideas a great deal. Again, my character flaw of lazy is in play here. *sigh*

Have a very happy Tuesday, friends!! 

Man Sewing


My Rusty likes to sew and I love that he likes to sew! Saturday, he decided to make drawstring bags to hold his bullet casings, mostly because his wife hadn't gotten around to it yet. *ahem* . He reloads his bullets he uses for the cowboy action shoot (SASS) he participates in every month and needed a bag to collet the brass. Of course, I had to document this project....

First he settled on the pattern. Russ followed Jen's (Glinda Quilts) pants bag tutorial. Jen sent me a pants bag as a gift last year, so I gave that to him to help him see how it was constructed. That was just me being overly helpful. 

I caught him using his pocket knife to trim the threads. More manly than scissors, I guess. *wink*

Other than one broken needle from sewing over a pin, he did a great job!

This is one of the two bags he made. I didn't get a photo with the drawstrings, but you get the idea. 

While he was working on his projects, I was making a quilt top out of the Sew Sweet Bee house blocks that were made for me earlier this year. I chose to add my initial instead of another house. Notice the fabric used for my letter "A"? 

It was a fun day....=)

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